As an artist, I've always been drawn to abstract imagery. I'm intrigued by lines, shapes, colors and forms that suggest rather than describe, and I have a particular affinity for clean, spare, elegant imagery that evokes an idea or emotion without telling the viewer what to see. 

In both painting and photography, I’m drawn to exploring concepts such as transparency, luminosity, vibrance, the interplay of light and dark, movement, and simplicity. 

To the viewer, my pieces often conjure up imagery reminiscent of organic forms—plants, water, geology and so on. For others, it evokes an emotional response. Part of the fun for me is to hear what it brings forth in the viewer, what memory or image or emotion it touches in them. 

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of my artwork, please contact me for availability and pricing. While I do my best to keep the info here up to date, sometimes it's not spot on accurate. Best to check with me. Thank you!